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Team Results & Reports

 Teams are a great way to have fun, get competitive

and make new friends. There are novice team competitions as well as those for more experienced riders. 

If you are interested in competing for THRC in any team and/or as an individual please Contact Jo Mason (Team Manager) either via the team event on facebook or via messenger or email at thrc_entries@outlook.com


The BRC Handbook can be downloaded at https://www.bhs.org.uk/british-riding-clubs/


PLEASE NOTE: Information regarding upcoming team events is put on the facebook page and is only for fully paid up members.


TEAM qualifier info will be put on the facebook page at least 5 weeks in advance of any event.


All horses and ponies competing for the Club at Qualifiers must have correct upto date Flu Vaccinations (see below), Passported and Microchipped. If you are affilitiated with BE, BD or BS then a copy of your record must also be produced to the Team Manager as BRC have restrictions at certain levels.


All riders must have upto date hat and body protector specifications (see BRC Rulebook)


Flu Requirements

From the 1st January 2024 vaccination rules will change in accordance with a directive from the British Equestrian.

From Vaccination intervals after the 1st January 2024

1st Vaccination V1

2nd vaccination V2   21 - 60 days

3rd vaccination V3    120 - 180 days

Boosters no more than 1 year apart

Prior to 1st January 2024

1st vaccination V1

2nd vacc  V2     21 - 92 days

3rd vacc   V3    150 - 215 days

Boosters not more than 1 year apart.



If your vaccinations are currently correct, they remain correct in the future provided you maintain your annual boosters, this is only effective from the 1st January 2024.


Team/Individual Rider responsibility

Riders and/or riders’ parents are responsible for any costs incurred in getting to and from any qualifier or Championship venue and stabling if required at Championships.


Team/Individual Withdrawal Policy 

Once a member has received confirmation of a team place from a team manager, we are unable to refund any team contributions paid under any circumstances, other than a replacement being found, and any unpaid fees must still be paid. THRC reserve the right to prohibit anyone with any outstanding fees owed to the club from participating in future Team events or attending Clinics.


Team/Individual Contribution Policy 

Once a team place is confirmed team contributions should be paid by the date requested by the team manager. Team contributions not paid on time may be liable to an increased late entry charge or refusal to compete.


Team/Individual Championship Policy 

Should a team qualify for a National Championship, THRC reserve the right to withdraw and/or replace any original team member for the Championships whose performance at Area level was below that which is required to compete at National level.


Team/Individual Championship Entry Fee Policy   

Should a team qualify for a National Championship, THRC will endeavour to pay the Championship entry fees. However, due to the unprecedented success of the club’s teams in recent years this arrangement may be subject to review and team members may be asked to make a small contribution towards Championship entry fees to ensure teams remain financially viable for the club.

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