Tendring Hundred Riding Club
Tendring Hundred Riding Club

Showing Results 2019

Summer Family Showing Show - July 28th


Class 1 - In-Hand Novice Pony                                                                   

1st          Mia Hare - Bonnie                                                           

2nd        Mary Kennedy - Mowen Barnaby                                                             

3rd         Rebecca Wedge - Shadow                                                           

4th         Francesca Simes - Adie                                                  

5th         Sophie Challis - Mayphillic Rambling Rose                                                            

6th         Sharise Scott - Westheath Truffles                                                           


Class 2 - Senior Handler                                                                               

1st          Rebecca Wedge - Shadow                                                           

2nd        Gaynor Young - Beeston Hajaza                                                

3rd         Sophie Challis - Leo's gift                                                              


Class 3 - Young Handler (10 & under)                                                                    

1st          Beaubelle Crossley - Doylan Cherry Pops                                                               

2nd        Amelia Ball - Mayphillic Rambling Rose                                                  


Class 4 - Young Handler (11-14 years)                                                                    

1st          Jemima Bush - William                                                  

2nd        Faye Collier - Maggie-Lou                                                            

3rd         Honey Moules - Bill Canyon                                                        


Class 5 - In-Hand M&M Small Breeds                                                                     

1st          Jamie Morris - Mayphillic Rambling Rose                                                              

2nd        Wendy O'Brien - Toffee                                               


Class 6 - In Hand M&M Large Breeds                                                                     

1st         Jemima Bush - William                                                  

2nd        Mary Kennedy - Moven Barnaby                                                              

3rd         Sarah Minter - Halfacre Moonlight                                                           


Class 7a - In-Hand Veteran Pony                                                                              

1st         Jemima Bush - William                                                  

2nd        Sarah Minter - Halfacre Moonlight                                                           

3rd         Sophie Challis - Leo's Gift                                                             

4th         Alice Hart - Gypsy                                                           

5th         Rebecca Wedge - Shadow                                                           


Class 7b - In-Hand Veteran Horse                                                                            

1st          Helen Kemp - Juboraj                                                    

2nd        Francesca Simes - Buddy                                                              

3rd         Clayton Moules - Bill Canyon                                                      

4th         Charlotte Briggs - Graffiti                                                             


Class 8 - Ridden Novice Pony                                                                     

1st          Beaubelle Crossley - Genisis Sunshine                                                    


Class 9 - Family Pony                                                                     

1st          Sophie Challis - Leo's Gift                                                             

1st          Phoebe Land - Barney                                                   

1st          Daisy Goodwin - Ruby                                                   


Class 10 - Lead Rein Pony                                                                            

1st          Alice Jennings - Chafford Debonair                                                          

2nd        Amelia Ball - Mayphillic Rambling Rose                                                  


Class 11 - First Ridden Pony                                                                       

1st          Beaubelle Crossley - Genisis Sunshine                                                    

2nd        Isabelle Davie - Charlie                                                  

3rd         Phoebe Land - Barney                                                   

4th         Emily Kyle - Danny Bear                                                


Class 12 - Ridden M&M Large Breeds                                                    

1st          Emma Last - Dilly Mor                                   

2nd        Elle Jones - Prince Charming                                       

3rd         Hannah Spurgeon - Gwrthafam Magic Lady                                          


Class 13 - Ridden M&M Small Breeds                                                    

1st          Hannah Spurgeon - Chafford Debonair                                  

2nd        Isabelle Davie - Charlie                                  


Class 14 - In -Hand Novice Horse                                                             

1st          Hannah Johnson - Wikkismoor Monty                                    


Class 15 - In-Hand Coloureds                                                     

1st          Beaubelle Crossley - Doylan Cherry Pops                                               

2nd        Zoe Brumbley - Hermits Induna                                

3rd         Mia Hare - Desert Kingdom                                         

4th         Hannah Johnson - Wikkismoor Monty                                    

5th         Hayley Taylor - Barbarella                                            

6th         Sharise Scott - Westheath Truffles                                           


Class 16 - In-Hand Cob/Traditional Cob Type                                                      

1st          Zoe Brumbley - Hermits Induna                                

2nd        Sarah Elliott - Fleur                                         

3rd         Hannah Johnson - Wikkismoor Monty                                    

4th         Faye Collier - Maggie-Lou                                            

5th         Mia Hare - Desert Kingdom                                         

6th         Hayley Barker - Barrie                                    


Class 17 - In-Hand Blacks, Bays, Chestnuts & Greys                                                         

1st          Liz Moore - Helicon                                         

2nd        Sarah Minter - Halfacre Moonlight                                           

3rd         Francesca Simes - Buddy                                              

4th         Thalia Dale - Cornelius                                  

5th         Clayton Moules - Bill Canyon                                      


Class 18 - In-Hand Foreign Breeds                                                           

1st          Liz Moore - Helicon                                         

2nd        Gaynor Young - Beeston Hajaza                                

3rd         Helen Kemp - Juboraj                                    


Class 19 - In-Hand TB/Retrained Racehorse                                                        

1st          Thalia Dale - Cornelius                                  

2nd        Honey Moules  - Bill Canyon                                       


Class 20 - Ridden Novice Horse                                                

1st          Faye Collier - Maggie-Lou                                            

2nd        Emma Parker - Amanda's Teddy                               

3rd         Jessica Eaton - Compton Ford                                    

4th         Sarah Elliott - Fleur                                         

5th         Jade Leonard - Summer                                


Class 21 - Ridden Cob/Traditional Cob Type                                                        

1st          Roxy Dawson - Kingsman                                             

2nd        Emma Last - Dilly Mor                                   

3rd         Amanda Bissett - Bella                                   


Class 22 - Ridden Veteran                                                           

1st          Ellie Jones - Prince Charming                                      

2nd        Roxy Dawson - Kingsman                                             

3rd         Hayley Carter - Zulu                                        

4th         Alice Hart - Gypsy                                           

5th         Thalia Dale - Box of Tricks                                            

6th         Emily Kyle - Dandy Bear


Class 23 - Ridden TB/Retrained Racehorse          

1st          Jessica Eaton - Compton Ford

2nd        Emma Parker - Amanda's Teddy

3rd         Marni Middleton - Uncle Pettit


Class 24 - Ridden Foreign Breeds             

1st          Jenna Davies - Abbotts Vale Remus

2nd        Hayley Carter - Zulu

3rd         Chris Eaton - Matchmaker's Charm


Class 25 - Ridden Coloureds       

1st          Faye Collier - Maggie-Lou

2nd        Sophie Challis - Leo's Gift


Class 26 - Ridden Blacks, Bays, Chestnuts & Greys           

1st          Jenna Davies - Abbotts Vale Remus

2nd        Jessica Eaton - Compton Ford

3rd         Chris Eaton - Matchmakers Charm

4th         Marni Middleton - Uncle Petit

5th         Emma Parker - Amanda's Teddy


Class 27 - Fancy Dress   

1st          Alexander Davie - Charlie (The Lion King)

2nd        Daisy Goodwin - Ruby (Beach Babes)

3rd         Summer O'Brien - Toffee (The Wizard Of Oz)


Class 28 - Dog Fancy Dress          

1st          Arthur Lawrence - Max (Rambo)


Class 29 - Mini Fun Leading Rein -No Entries      


Class 30 - Fun Lead Rein Pony   

1st          Amelia Ball - Mayphillic Rambling Rose


Class 31 - Fun First Ridden          

1st          Phoebe Lord - Barney

2nd        Amelia Ball - Mayphillic Rambling Rose

3rd         Daisy Goodwin - Ruby

4th         Alexander Davie - Charlie


Class 32 - Dog and Dobbin - No Entries 


Class 33 - Dog the Judge would like to take home            

1st          Chloe Collier - Mila

2nd        Siobhan Lawrence - Walter

3rd         Arthur Lawrence - Max


Class 34 - Pony the Judge would like to take home          

1st          Daisy Goodwin - Ruby

2nd        Summer O'Brien - Toffee

3rd         Alice Hart - Gypsy


Championship Classes 1-7           

Champion           Jemima Bush - William

Reserve Mary Kennedy - Moven Barnaby


Championship Classes 8-13        

Champion           Beaubelle Crossley - Genisis Sunshine

Reserve Hannah Spurgeon - Gwrthafam Magic Lady


Championship Classes 14-19      

Champion           Beaubelle Crossley - Doylan Cherry Pops

Reserve Zoe Brumbley - Hermits Induna


Championship Classes 20-26      

Champion           Jenna Davies - Abbotts Vale Remus

Reserve Emma Last - Dilly Mor                                                                                                  

THRC In-Hand Show May 26th      


Class 1 - In-Hand Youngstock     

1st         E.Whitworth - Shilstone Rocks Mountain Ash

2nd        Natalie Threadwell - Holly Herself

3rd         Christine Reidy - Tara

4th         Natalie Threadwell - Black Pearl

5th         Wendy O'Brien - Toffee

6th         Ruby Storey - Alby


Class 2 - In-Hand Pony  

1st         Ellie-Mae Webster - Matilda

2nd        Faye Collier - Rolo

3rd         Poppe Usher - Rosie

4th         Stacey Toner - Tyrion

5th         Dympre V Hiner - Redpools Three G

6th         Abigail Pearson - Shilstone Rocks Seaspray


Class 3a - Young Handler (10 Years and under)   

1st         Alice Hart - Gypsy

2nd        Poppy Usher - Rosie

3rd         Chloe Collier - Oli

4th         Summer O'Brien - Toffee

5th         Eva Storey - Truman

6th         Grace Pratt - Shilstone Rocks Seaspray


Class 3b - Young Handler (11-14 years)  

1st         Ellie-Mae Webster - Matilda

2nd        Jemima Bush - William

3rd         Cassie Braithwaite - Victory Celebration

4th         Sian Sutton - Wretton Maverick

5th         Ruby Dowsett - Mayphillic Youth Dew

6th         Kalia Jewing - Lord Rupert


Class 4 - In-Hand Mountain and Moorland Small (non-Welsh)     

1st         E. Whitworth - Shilstone Rocks Mountain Ash

2nd        Abigail Pearson - Shilstone Rocks Seaspray

3rd         Claire Loud - Tom Boy


Class  5 - In-Hand Mountain and Moorland Large (non-Welsh)   

1st          Jemima Bush - William


Class 6 - In Hand Welsh Breeds 

1st         Wendy O'Brien - Ezzy

2nd        Sian Sutton - Wretton Maverick

3rd         Leanne Jones - Hedgerows Lee Lee's Boy

4th         Cassie Braithwaite - Rosie

5th         Ruby Dowsett - Mayphillic Youth Dew

6th         Dympre V Hiner - Redpools Three G


Class 7 - In-Hand Veteran            

1st         Charlotte Briggs - Graffiti

2nd        Jemima Bush - William

3rd         Alice Hart - Gypsy

4th         Sian Sutton - Wretton Maverick

5th         Ellie-Mai Jones - Hedgerows Prince Charming

6th         Rebecca Wedge - Buddy


Championship A Classes 1-7       

Champion  Charlotte Briggs - Graffiti

Reserve     E.Whitworth - Shilstone Rocks Mountain Ash


Class 8 - In-Hand Concours d'Elegance   

1st          Liz Moore - Helicon

2nd        Jemima Bush - William


Class 9 - In-Hand Foreign Breeds              

1st         Liz Moore - Helicon

2nd        Faye Collier - Rolo

3rd         Alice Hart - Gypsy


Class 10 - In-Hand Thorougbred/Re-Trained Racehorse 

No Entries


Class 11 - In-Hand Hunter Type 

No Entries


Class 12 - In-Hand Coloureds      

1st         Hanna Sillitoe - Plumbuck Bunny Squiggle

2nd        Tim Sillitoe - Shelby's Peaky Blinder

3rd         Faye Collier - Oli

4th         Therese Hutton - Morning Magpie

5th         Tina Lockwood - Millie

6th         Ibby Dewing - Bob the Cob


Class 13 - In-Hand Cob/Traditional Cob  

1st         Hanna Sillitoe - Plumbuck Bunny Squiggle

2nd        Tina Lockwood - Millie

3rd         Therese Hutton - Morning Magpie


Class 14 - In-Hand Sports/Competition Horse     

1st          Charlotte Briggs - Graffiti


Championship B Classes 1-7       

Champion  Hanna Sillitoe - Plumbuck Bunny Squiggle

Reserve     Charlotte Briggs - Graffiti

THRC Showing Show April 27th


Class 1 - In-Hand Youngstock                                                                     

1st          Hayley Taylor - Barbarella                                                            


Class 2 - In-Hand Condition&Turnout                                                                   

1st          Isabelle Woolgar - Storm                                                             


Class 3 - In-Hand Young Handler                                                                                1st          Jemima Bush - William                                                  

2nd         Faye Collier - Maggie-Lou                                                            

3rd          Bobby Chapman - Vean Night Owl                                                          


Class 4 - In-Hand Mountain and Moorland Small Breeds                                            1st          Sophie Claydon - Little Legs                                                        


Class 5 - In-Hand Mountain and Moorland Large Breeds                                            1st          Victoria Oliver - Westwick Mac                                                  

2nd         Jemima Bush - William                                                  


Class 6 - In-Hand Welsh Breeds                                                                 

1st          NO ENTRIES                                                       


Class 7 - In Hand Veteran                                                                             

1st          Jemima Bush - William                                                  

2nd        Cate Preston - Beaurepaire Alys                                                               

3rd         Kaydee Greyson - Bonnie                                                           

4th         Natasha Collier - Maggie-Lou                                                     

5th         Macey Sykes - Beau                                                       


Class 8 - Ridden Condition & Turnout                                                                 

1st          Gemma Shanks - Camimando                                                   

2nd        Grace Thomas - Sky                                                       

3rd         Marni Middleton - Uncle Pettit                                                 


Class 9 - Lead Rein Pony                                                                               

1st          Nieve Greyson - Bonnie                                                               


Class 10 - Ridden Veteran                                                                            

No entries                                                       


Class 11 - First Ridden Pony                                                                        

1st          Bobby Chapman - Vean Night Owl                                                          


Class 12 - Ridden Mountain & Moorland Large Breeds                                                1st          Chantelle Chapman - Leyswick Miss Dynamite                                                       2nd        Hannah Spurgeon - Gurthasern Magic Lady                                                            3rd         Grace Thomas - Sky                                                       


Class 13 - Ridden Mountain and Moorland Small Breeds                                            1st          Bobby Chapman - Vean Night Owl


Class 14 - In-Hand Thoroughbred/Re-Trained Racehorse                                          1st          Laura Townsend - Our Boy Jack                                                

2nd        Ali Power - Tweet All                                                     

3rd         Marni Middleton - Uncle Pettit                                                 


Class 15 - In -Hand Hunter                                                                           

1st          Mia Hare - Desert Kingdon                                                          

2nd        Sara Richardson - Tilly One Sock                                                


Class 16 - In-Hand Coloureds                                                                      

1st          Mia Hare - Desert Kingdom                                                        

2nd        Tim Sillitoe - Shelbys Peaky Blinder                                                         


Class 17 - In-Hand Cob/Traditional Cob                                                                      1st          Tim Sillitoe - Shelbys Peaky Blinder                                                         

2nd        Danielle Smith - Koala de Champs                                                            


Class 18 - In-Hand Blacks, Bays, Chestnuts & Greys                                                   1st          Sara Richardson - Tilly One Sock                                                

2nd        Chris Eaton - Matchmaker's Charm                                                         

3rd         Danielle Smith - Koale de Champs                                                           

4th         Sophie Claydon - Little Legs                                                        

5th         Marni Middleton - Uncle Pettit                                                 


Class 19 - In-Hand Sports Horse Type                                                                   

No entries                                                                       


Class 20 - In-Hand Part-Bred                                                                       

1st          Chris Eaton - Matchmaker's Charm                                                         


Class 21 - Ridden Thoroughbred/Re-Trained Racehorse                                                    1st         Tilly Crane - Dusty                                                           

2nd        Ali Power - Tweet All                                                     


Class 22 - Ridden Cob/Traditional Cob                                                                                1st         Kellie Meier - Daffy                                                        

2nd        Stacey Toner - Charlie                                                   


Class 23 - Ridden Hunter                                                                              

1st          Jenna Davies - Abbotts Vale Remus                                                        

2nd        Jess Eaton - Matchmakers Charm                                                            

3rd         Tilly Crane - Dusty                                                           

4th         Gemma Shanks - Camimando                                                   


Class 24 - Ridden Part Breds                                                                       

1st          Jenna Davies - Abbotts Vale Remus                                                        

2nd        Jess Eaton - Matchmakers Charm  


Class 25 - Ridden Sports Horse Type       

1st         Jenna Davies - Abbotts Vale Remus

2nd        Gemma Shanks - Camimando

3rd         Marni Middleton - Uncle Pettit


Class 26 - Ridden Coloureds        

No entries      


Class 27 - Ridden Blacks, Bays, Chestnuts and Greys        

1st          Jess Eaton - Matchmakers Charm


Class 28 - Beginners Working Hunter      

1st          Isabelle Woolgar - Storm


Class 29 - Very Novice Working Hunter  

No entries       


Class 30 - Novice Working Hunter            

1st          Felicity Coulson - Red Diamond


Class 31 - Working Hunter 70cm

1st         Tillie Crane - Dusty

2nd        Felicity Coulson - Red Diamond


Class 32 - Working Hunter 75cm

1st         Jenna Davies - Abbotts Vale Remus

2nd        Jess Eaton - Matchmaker's Charm


Class 33- Riding Club Horse/Pony             

1st          Ali Power - Tweet All                                                                                                                                  

Novice Showing Show - April 14th

What a busy day! In spite of the very chilly (but sunny) weather, we had a fantastic turnout for our Novice Showing Show. There were over 100 entries and it was especially good to see some of our showing clinic participants competing successfully at the show. Many of the classes were split in to juniors and seniors, giving everyone a chance to take home a rosette or two. Huge thanks must go to all those who helped from stewarding to taking entries; we really couldn't run our shows without you!


THRC Novice Show April 14th 2019 Results


Class 1 - In-Hand Senior Handler                                                     

1st          Heather Tweed - Horsmans Starlight                                                                            2nd         Thalia Dale - Cornelius                                                                                          3rd          Josephine Francis - Griffas Boneddigas                                                                        4th          Nicole Hales - Billie                                                                                                    5th          Sophie Claydon - Little Legs


Class 2a - In-Hand Young Handler (10 and under)                                                 

1st          Lily Hardwick - Pageant                                                                                              2nd         Alice Hart - Gypsy                                                                                                 3rd         Mia Thorpe - Nickton Jay      


Class 2b - In-Hand Young Handler (11 and over)                                                   

1st          Ruby Storey - Truman                                                                                                2nd         Mia Harris – Jules


Class 3a - In-Hand Mountain and Moorland Type (Large)                                                

1st          Gracie Tyte - Ballinanown Johnny                                                                                2nd         Josephine Francis - Griffas Boneddigas                                                                      3rd          Lynsey Tyte - Rickamore Rocco                                                                              4th          Grace Thomas - Sky                                                                                               5th         Mia Harris - Jules                                      


Class 3b - In-Hand Mountain and Moorland Type (Small)                                               

1st         Alice Hart - Gypsy                                                           

2nd        Cassidy Sargent - Flo                                                      

3rd         Mia Thorpe - Nickton Jay                                                             

4th         Shaylea Skinner - Skye                                                  

5th         Sophie Claydon - Little Legs        


Class 4 - In-Hand Veteran                                                    

1st          Alice Hart - Gypsy                                                           

2nd        Nieve Greyson - Bonnie                                                               

3rd         Maddison Challis - Panda             


Class 5 - In Hand Horse                                                         

1st          Thalia Dale - Cornelius                                                   

2nd        Savanna Edwards - Horsmans Starlight                                                  

3rd         Lizzy Sparling - Honey                                                    


Class 6 - In-Hand Pony                                                         

1st         Josephine Francis - Griffas Boneddigas                                                 

2nd        Ruby Storey - Truman                                                   

3rd         Cassidy Sargent - Flo                                                      

4th         Nieve Greyson - Bonnie                                                                                                5th         Shaylea Skinner - Skye                                                  


Class 7a - In-Hand Coloureds (Juniors)                                                       

1st         Lily Hardwick - Pageant                                                 

2nd        Rose Popkin - Trigger    


Class 7b - In-Hand Coloureds (Seniors)                                                       

1st         Hayley Taylor - Barbarella                                                            

2nd        Joy Carmen - Albertus                                                  

3rd         Nicole Hales - Billie                                                         

4th         Selina Heath - Hugo the Boss                                                     

5th         Hannah Johnson - Wilkismoor Monty                                                    

6th         Ella Couchman - Maggie               


Class 8a - In-Hand Cob Type(Juniors)                                                          

1st         Josephine Francis - Griffas Boneddigas                                                 

2nd        Charlotte Nurse - Barney Rubbles


Class 8b - In-Hand Cob Type (Seniors)                                                        

1st          Selina Heath -Hugo the Boss                                                      

2nd        Nicole Hales - Billie                                                         

3rd         Hannah Johnson - Wilkismoor Monty                                                    

4th         Joy Carmen - Albertus                                                  

5th         Zoe Brumbley - Frankie                                                

6th         Ella Couchman - Maggie                                                               

7th         Savanna Edwards - Horsmans Starlight  


Class 9a - Novice Rider - Junior (11-16)                                                      

1st          Lily Carr - Nicassio                                                           

2nd        Josephine Francis - Griffas Boneddigas                                                 

3rd         Olivia Baron - HRA Thistle                                                            

4th         Cassie Braithwaite - William                                                        

5th         Lily Saunders - Fantastic Mr Fudge                                                          

6th         Elliemai Jones - Hegerows Prince Charming                                                         

7th         Ruby Bushell - HRA Coni                                                               

8th         Lucy Pavitt - Crawel Van Dyke                                                   

9th         Rebecca Wedge - Buddy                                                              

10th       Mia Maguire - Toffee                    


Class 9b - Novice Rider - Junior (10 and under)                                                     

1st          Maddison Challis - Panda                                                             

2nd        Kaydee Greyson - Bonnie                                                           

3rd         Jules - Guiness                                                 

4th         Mia Thorpe - Nickton Jay                                                             

5th         Ava Cardy - Boycie          


Class 10 - Novice Rider - Senior                                                       

1st         Christopher Eaton - Matchmaker's Charm                                                           

2nd        Amanda Bissett - Bridget Jones                                                

3rd         Angela Cribb - Banner                                                   

4th         Stacey Toner - Charlie   


Class 11 - Novice Ridden Pony                                                        

1st         Lucy Pavitt - Crawel Van Dyke                                                   

2nd        Livvy Osborne - Treworgan What a Cat                                                  

3rd         Robyn Head - Finley's Dancing Queen                                                    

4th         Mia Thorpe - Nickton Jay                                                             

5th         Jules - Guiness                                                 

6th         Olivia Baron - HRA Thistle                                                            

7th         Kaydee Greyson - Bonnie                                                           

8th         Lily Saunders - Fantastic Mr Fudge                                                          

9th         Ava Cardy - Boycie                                                          

10th       Maddison Challis - Panda             


Class 12a - Novice Ridden Horse (Senior)                                                   

1st         Stacey Toner - Charlie                                                   

2nd        Leanne Jones - Hedgerows Lee Lee's Boy                                                            

3rd         Christopher Eaton - Matchmaker's Charm                                                           

4th         Angela Cribb - Banner   


Class 12b - Novice Ridden Horse (Junior)                                                   

1st         Rebecca Wedge - Buddy                                                              

2nd        Sasha Wallace - HRA Zazz                                                             

3rd         Sophie Allam - Chester                                                 

4th         Fern Morris - Yarty Duchess                                                       

5th         Letesha Duffy - Mister B              


Class 13 - Lead Rein Pony                                                    

1st         Tilly Pavitt - Crawel Van Dyke                                                     

2nd        Callum Shean - HRA Thistle                                                         

3rd         Jules - Guiness                                                 

4th         Millie Crabb - HRA Jay   


Class 14 - Ridden Veteran                                                    

1st         Lily Carr - Nicassio                                                           

2nd        Tilly Pavitt - Crawey Van Dyke                                                   

3rd         Robyn Head - Finley's Dancing Queen                                                    

4th         Millie Crabb - HRA Jay                                                   

5th         Elliemai Jones - Hegerows Prince Charming                                                         

6th         Mia Maguire - Toffee                                                    

7th         Cassie Braithwaite - William                                                        

8th         Kirsty Shean - HRA Zazz                


Class 15 - Ridden Mountain and Moorland Type  

1st          Grace Thomas – Sky                                                                                                  2nd         Josephine Francis - Griffas Bonediggas                                                                          3rd          Fern Morris - Yarty Duchess                                                                                        4th          Callum Shean - HRA Thistle                                                                                        5th          Mia Thorpe - Nickton Jay

6th          Cassie Braithwaite - Wensley Mirabelle

7th          Jules - Guiness

8th          Millie Crabb - HRA Jay


Class 16 - Ridden Cob-Type 

1st         Stacey Toner - Charlie

2nd        Zoe Brumbly - Charlie


Class 17 - Ridden Coloureds 

1st         Robyn Head - Finley's Dancing Queen

2nd        Grace Thomas - Frankie

3rd         Sophie Allam - Chester                                                                 


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