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Dressage Results 2019

Novice Dressage - Saturday July 6th

Intro A - Juniors

1st Jemima Bush Merlin
2nd Alice Hart Gypsy

Intro A - Seniors

1st Henrietta McRae Willow
2nd Thalia Dale Box Of Tricks
3rd Sarah Morton Kitty
4th Danielle Rose Coopers Lad

Alison Fairbanks

6th Jane Hubert Busy Morning

Intro C - Juniors

1st Jemima Bush Merlin

Intro C - Seniors

1st Chris Eaton Matchmakers Charm
2nd Sarah Morton Kitty
3rd Jessica Eaton Compton Ford
4th Sophia Clarke Flora
5th Fay Giles Bondi Comet
6th Kirsty Richardson Honey

Prelim 7 - Juniors

1st Isobel Hinde Molly

Prelim 7 - Seniors

1st Danielle Rose Coopers Lad
2nd Chris Eaton Matchmakers Charm
3rd Tess Hinde Craughwell Lucy
4th Katy Richardson Honey
5th Jessica Eaton Compton Ford

Dressage Results - Saturday June 1st

Intro A - Seniors

1st Christine Kimberley

2nd Emma Last

3rd Sophie Clarke

4th Lyn Prendergast

Intro A - Juniors

1st Faye Collier

2nd Josephine Frances

3rd Marni Middleton


Intro B - Seniors

1st Jessica Eaton

2nd A. Fuller-Jones

3rd Christine Kimberley

4th Rachel Lofthouse

5th Chris Eaton

6th Emma Last

Intro B - Juniors

1st Josephine Francis

2nd Marni Middleton


Prelim 7 - Seniors

1st Julie Watson

2nd Jessica Eaton

3rd Gemma Shanks

4th Angela Bush

5th Mia Hare


Prelim 7 - Juniors

1st Cassidy Sargent

2nd Beth Mason

Prelim 13 - Seniors

1st Hayley Eade

2nd Helan Kinsella

3rd Gemma Shanks

Prelim 13 - Juniors

1st Holly Gregory


Novice 30 - Open

1st Chloe Mason

2nd Hannah Everitt

3rd Helen Kinsella

4th Hayley Eade

Novice 30 - Restricted

1st Ali Power


Novice 34

1st Hannah Everitt


Prelim 15 

1st Ali Power


Elementary 40

1st Jenna Davies

2nd Chloe Mason


Elementary 43

1st Jenna Davies

Dressage Results - Saturday May 4th

Intro B - Seniors

1st G.Shanks

2nd B.East

3rd E.Last

4th S.Kirwan

5th G.Cribb

Intro B - Juniors

1st N.Berryman-Watts

2nd M.Middleton


Intro C - Seniors

1st A.Bush

2nd M.Whiteman

3rd H.Kemp

4th S.Kirwan

5th B.East

Intro C - Juniors

1st M.Middleton


Prelim 1 - Seniors

1st G.Shanks

2nd L. Hughes

3rd A. Bush

4th J.Warner

5th H.Kemp

6th B.East

Prelim 1 - Juniors

1st I.Hinde


Prelim 13 - Seniors

1st H.Farrer (Magnum)

2nd H. Farrer (Vista)

3rd T.Hinde

4th A.Power

5th V.Berryman-Watts

Prelim 13 - Juniors

1st H.Gregory


Prelim 13 Combined Training

1st H.Farrer (Vista)

2nd T.Hinde

3rd H.Farrer (Furby)

4th H.Gregory

5th A.Power

6th V.Berryman-Watts


Novice 24

1st E.Hunnable


Elementary 42

1st C.Reidy


Elementary 44

1st E.Hunnable

2nd C.Reidy

Tendring Hundred Riding Club Dressage Report - Saturday February 2nd.

Saturday February 2nd saw Tendring Hundred Riding Club’s event season kick off with dressage at Wix Equestrian Centre. With ten classes from Intro to Elementary and including Prix Caprilli classes, there was something for everyone whether junior, senior, novice or experienced. It was a long but very successful day with some great scores from over 50 entries from both members and non-members; the day started at 9am and didn’t finish until almost 7pm!

Dressage event organiser, Jo Mason, along with help from Tendring Hundred Riding Club members (which included Jo’s daughters, Beth and Chloe), ensured that the day ran smoothly with help on hand to read tests or hold horses; without this help we would not be able to run our events, so it was very much appreciated!


Intro B Seniors

1st  T Hinde - Craughwell Lucy                                                                                                  2nd  R Moser - Smurf                                                                                                              3rd  D Pearce - Ballybeg Rover                                                                                                 4th  S Toner - Charlie                                                                                                              5th  J Gore Bally - Collan Festy                                                                                                 6th  H Kemp - Royal Gold


Intro B Juniors

1st H Gregory - Ella Lee                                                                                                            2nd B Mason -Greenfinch's Juno                                                                                                3rd L Carr - Nicassio                                                                                                                  4th K Bush - Golden Nugget                                                                                                      5th J Bush - Merlin


Intro C Seniors

1st  S Richardson - Tilly One Sock                                                                                             2nd H Kemp - Royal Gold                                                                                                          3rd L Hughes - Brynithon the Outlaw                                                                                          4th K Roberston - Gwynt Bryn Lara Croft                                                                                    5th R Moser - Smurf                                                                                                                  6th A Fuller Jones -Billy Baloo

6th L Humphreys -Harvest Storm


Intro C Juniors

1st E King -Chester


Prix Caprilli Intro

1st M Hare -Desert Kingdom                                                                                                      2nd R Lofthouse -Bella                                                                                                              3rd J Warner -Hollypark Shadow                                                                                                4th A Fuller Jones -Billy Baloo                                                                                                    5th S Eagle - Romeo                                                                                                                 6th J Eaton  -Compton Ford


Prelim 7 Seniors

1st S Newbury -True Romany Jewel                                                                                            2nd C Hasson -Nicassio                                                                                                             3rd M Hare - Desert Kingdom                                                                                                    4th C Reidy -Barbie II                                                                                                               5th N Robsinon -Percy                                                                                                              6th E Cox -Freddie                                                                                                                    7th L Hughes -Brynithon the Outlaw                                                                                           8th S Richardson -Tilly One Sock                                                                                                9th R Lofthouse -Bella                                                                                                             10th S Toner -Charlie


Prelim 7 Juniors

1st H Gregory - Ella Lee                                                                                                            2nd M Chilvers - Eduardo's Dream                                                                                              3rd E King - Chester                                                                                                                  4th E Hood - Ebony Tilly                                                                                                            5th G Kidd - Holly


Prelim 12 Seniors

1st R Chisnell - Brian                                                                                                               2nd E Cox - Freddie                                                                                                                  3rd N Robinson -Percy                                                                                                              4th A Power -Tweet All                                                                                                              5th C Reidy -Barbie II                                                                                                               6th S Simpson - Myrtle


Prelim 12 Juniors

1st M Chilvers -Eduardo's Dream


Prix Caprilli Prelim


1st S Simpson - Myrtle                                                                                                              2nd A Power -Tweet All


Novice 24 (Restricted)


1st S Timmis -  Robbie                                                                                                              2nd A Powers - Tweet All


Novice 24 (Open)


1st C Reidy - Glenhill Flash Harry                                                                                                2nd L Green - Chief of Command


Novice 28


1st E Hunnaball  - Angelina B                                                                                                    2nd L Green  - Chief of Command


Elementary 44


1st C Mason - Greenfinch's Freddie Fly                                                                                        2nd J Davies  - Abbots Vale Remus                                                                                            3rd E Hunnaball  - Angelina B                                                                                                    4th C Reidy - Glenhill Flash Harry

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