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Junior Team Reports

Winter Championship Qualifier – Show Jumping Wix EC November 17th

Last weekend saw three juniors teams and individuals go forward to compete for the Winer Championship qualifier at 70, 80 ad 90cm show jumping. All riders jump with the best three to count over two rounds.


The 70 team started off really well with all girls riding so well that they ended up on a score of just 4 faults after two rounds and thereby winning the class. Sophie also rode well on her new horse Faye and had a couple of faults in the second round but still brought her into 5th position individually and as she was the highest placed non team rider she qualified to go to Arena UK as an individual alongside the 70 team as winners.

70cm Team                   

Isobel Hinde - Molly                                                          

Ruby Dowsett – Bynithon the Outlaw                              

Evie Hood – Ebony

Cassie Braithwaite – Pepper

70cm Individuals 

Alanna Brosnan - Narla

Sophie Akers  - Out of the Blue                                                                               

80cm Team

Chloe Mason – Glowon Dewi

Cassidy Sargent – Found in Kiltomer

Lauren Dunn – Bobby Boy II

Lucinda Fletcher – Drum Finale


The 80 team competition brought quite a few poles and faults from both teams and after a wait it turned out that the girls had won with Lauren individually 4th and Chloe 5th. So off to the champs they go along with the 70 team.


Next was the 90 team jumping a very technical course which was causing some problems but the girls jumped well and went through to the second round with just a pole down and unfortunately with only three riders as junior had a slight dismount and under the SJ rules if you fall you cannot continue.  Sadly the second round was a little more costly and as all three scores had to count the team unfortunately ended up with 16 faults. 


Neverthless it brought them into 2nd place with Acacia 2nd individually and as the highest placed non team rider she will go to the Championships as an individual.


Acacia then rode as an individual in the 100cm class and completed two fabulous clear rounds against many riders. She wasn’t quite the fastest clear but did come home in 3rd placed which was a fantastic result.


Well done everyone!

                                                                                Jo Mason, Junior Team Manager


October saw our first winter qualifier at Brook Farm with pure Dressage and Combined training.

In the Combined Training Class (dressage test then show jumping at a certain height) Fern Morris and Tilly Steel rode at 75cm and Holly Gregory and Lucinda Fletcher at 85cm. Tilly and Fern won their classes overall and Holly was second in hers which brought the team into first place again so they are off to the Champs at Aston Le Walls in May. This was Tilly's first team event with Tendring Juniors and what a way to start.

The other team was a pure dressage team of four with Fern and Beth Mason riding Sharon Kirwan’s Scout riding a different prelim test each and Holly and Chloe Mason riding a different Novice Test each. Chloe was also entered as an individual in the Novice 28 class too.

Although all the scores are put together to give a team score the riders are able to be individually placed in their arena too. The top team goes forward to the champs and the next highest placed individual (not already part of the qualifying team) goes forward to the champs.

The girls rode really well with Chloe and Fern winning their arenas and holly being placed 3rd and Beth 5th. The team won overall and qualified for the Winter Champs in March at Arena UK and Chloe also won her arena in the Novice 28 and thereby qualified individually too.

I am one very proud team Manager; very well done girls and thank you to mums for driving through that horrendous rain, luckily it wasn't raining where we were.

               Jo Mason, Junior Team Manager

Dressage to Music Championships – Bury Farm Equestrian Centre


After winning their qualifier in the pairs Dressage to music class, Chloe Mason and Lucy Hinde had a trip up to Bury Farm to take part in the National Championships. The weather was awful but luckily, they were warming up and dancing inside.

On the Saturday was the Pairs class and it wasn’t until they were warming up that we realised that there were no juniors and all 19 pairs were seniors bar us. We saw some very good combinations come forward and the girls were almost last to go.

The girls were dancing to Pirates of the Caribbean Music and everything went to plan after spending the last four weeks practising so hard but it all paid off as they won the class beating all the seniors including the pair that came second which had won it in the last two years.

One the Sunday saw Chloe and her pony take part in the Novice music class which she had qualified for. Unfortunately, Chloe got ahead of her music which became a little costly leaving her in 6th position out of 11 combinations but not bad for their first Music Championships.

                                                                                          Jo Mason, Junior Team Manager

BRC Horse Trials 2019 Championships


Junior 90 BRC Horse Trials 2019 Championships at Swalcliffe. Lucy Hinde, Beth and Chloe Mason and Alanna Brosnan took part in their first long format two-day event this weekend and what an amazing weekend it was.

The girls all rode lovely dressage test and then went on to the show jumping. Lucy, Beth and Chloe had a lovely clear round with Alanna just dropping a pole and having a stop but overnight it put the team into 2nd place with the girls laying well up in their arenas.

On the Sunday was roads and tracks leading into the cross country. The girls had to ride phase A to warm up for the steeple chase, phase B, which was twice round over 3 steeplechase fences going at 500mpm. This then led into phase c which was cooling down over a distance of 3000+m. As they finished phase c they had to trot up for the vet and then a heart rate check any horse over 80 beats per minute had to go back and be reassessed. Whilst in the 10-minute box we had to cool the horses off as quickly as possible and then get them ready to start the cross country. It was also a first for the mums in the 10 minute box.  Lucy, Chloe and Alanna flew the cross country to come home clear and brought the team home into 2nd place out of 19 very strong nationwide teams with Alanna coming 9th in her arena, Lucy 3rd and Chloe not only winning her arena but also 2nd overall (92 riders) and won the Non BE award. Fantastic riding by all girls. 

                                                                                        Jo Mason, Junior Team Manager

Area 8 Festival of the Horse qualifier

Poplar Park hosted the qualifier for the Aston Le Walls Festival of the Horse Championship on a lovely bright March day.

The Juniors had two teams one at 80cm and the other jumping at 90cm. Both teams had a good day with the 80 team coming 3rd and the 90 team winning the class and qualifying for Aston in May.


80cm Team                                                                           90 cm Team

Lauren Dunn – Bobby Boy II                                              Lucy Hinde and Rhuban Prince

Lucinda Fletcher – Drum Finale                                        Alanna Brosnan and Jimmy

Cassidy Sargent- Found in Kiltomer                                 Beth  Mason and Leestone Rivies Boy

Gracie Kidd and Gracie                                                       Chloe Mason and Glowon Dewi

National Championships 2019 - Lincoln

Lucy Hinde, Chloe and Beth Mason and Alanna Brosnan travelled up to Lincoln to represent the club at the nationals jumping the 90cm class and also riding the a Team of Four Dressage. Chloe also rode a novice test and Fern Morris help make up an Area 8 70cm show jumping team at the last minute due to Billericay Riding Club losing a rider.

Chloe did her novice test first with a rather distracted Corine but still managed a 7th placing.

Fern rode a lovely first round going clear and then rolled a couple of poles but together with the other two riders brought the area 8 team home into 2nd place. They did an amazing job keeping it together at their first Championship.

The 90 show jumping was a bit of a carnage with weather thawrting things, the ground became very slippery and lots of people having problems. The girls rode their socks off over a very difficult and technical course with Chloe and Beth going clear in the first round. The second round was increased in height far too much and along with the weather caused serious issues resulting in only three riders going double clear. Lucy had a few poles, Beth and Alannas' ponies struggled with the slippery ground with Beth retiring half way round and Jimmy sadly having three very unusual stops which goes to show how bad it was. Chloe and Corine managed to get round slowly but taking a pole with them ending up with Chloe being 11th individually just missing out on the rosettes.

The last class was the team of four where Chloe, Beth, Lucy and Alanna rode one behind each other around a dressage test. They did a stirling job trying to contain their horses walking, trotting and cantering together and brought the team home into 2nd place.

All girls were a credit to the club as usual.

                                                                                          Jo Mason, Junior Team Manager


Area 8 Show Jumping National Qualifier – THRC Club Field May 2019

May saw the riding club hold the qualifier for show jumping with the winners going to the Nationals at Lincoln in September.

Juniors fielded two teams, one at 70cm and the other at 90cm again.

The 70 team consisted for some new juniors joining the teams this year with Isobel Hinde riding Molly, Sophie Akers on Doodles, Fern with Chilli and Kayla Bush riding Nugget. They all jumped lovely with the team coming 2nd overall and Isobel individually 3rd.


The 90 team saw only three junior riders come forwarded with Beth Mason riding Sara Harrison Osborne’s horse Leestone Rivies Boy, Chloe riding Cor de Corine and Lucy Hinde riding Rhuban Prince who stepped in at the last hour. The girls rode well and being the only team automatically qualified for Lincoln. This was the second qualifier these girls had quailfed for this year.

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