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Team Results & Reports

Here you will find all the latest results and reports from our THRC senior and junior teams. Teams are a great way to have fun, get competitive and make new friends. If you are interested in being part of a THRC team please click here to contact Nicky Robinson (Seniors) or Jo Mason (Juniors). 



Area 8 Show Jumping Winter Qualifier on November 17th @ Wix EC - results are below:

Area SJ 171119 Results.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [35.6 KB]

Area Arena Eventing @ Finchingfield November 9th & 10th - results below:

Results from Area 8 Dressage & Combined Training on October 6th are below:

061019 Results.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [68.0 KB]

Senior Team Report  - Area 8 Horse Trials

Sunday 26th May 2019 at Stratford Hills


This year, since Area 14 and Area 7's Horse Trials dates did not fit in with our calendar, Area 8 made the decision to run the Area Horse Trials ourselves rather than join with Area 14 or Area 7.  So, having chosen our preferred venue and date, the Area Committee spent the last few months coordinating all the necessary helpers and equipment; toilets and sound systems were hired, show jumps borrowed from the Area BS, vet, paramedics, judges (dressage & SJ) were all booked. And, of course, the army of XC fence judges and stewards required for the three disciplines!


The weather started perfectly for the 80 teams with dry, cool and cloudy but the heavens opened about 2.00pm and the 90 class had to compete in very slippery, wet conditions.


Tendring Hundred Riding Club had two 80cm teams and one 90cm team competing:


80 cm - Team 5th Place

Nicky Robinson riding Shadowman               

Lilli Hughes riding Brynithon the Outlaw                       

Tess Hinde  riding Craughwell Lucy

Jess Joslin   riding  Beau Rhapsody


80cm - Team 3rd Place

Helen Kemp riding Royal Gold

Jenna Davies riding Abbots Vale Remus  (4th individual)

Mia Hare riding Desert Kingdom                                 


90cm - Team 3rd Place

Vickie Berryman-Watts riding Carrickavarvon Fionn

Jess Joslin riding The Gruffalo

Ali Power riding Tweet All

Sue Timmis riding Hollpark Captain    


I think that all the riders enjoyed the day and their individual achievements – well done.


                                                                                     Nicky Robinson  - Senior Team Manager

Area 8 ERCLC ODE Results 2019.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [65.7 KB]

Senior Team Report - Area Show Jumping

Sunday 12th May at THRC showground


After two and a half inches of rain the previous week the showground looked very smart and the ground was perfect for THRC to host the Area 8 Show Jumping qualifier.

Unfortunately, across the Essex clubs entries were down, but with 10 classes it still look us from 8.30am – 6.30pm to get through them all.

Gail Potter kindly judged the Style classes, with Peter Thornley and Caren McClure judging the show jumping. Our course builder was Anna Deville.


Senior team riders results are:


Style    Lilli Hughes    Brynithon The Outlaw            3rd

           Sarah Endean  Bunnow Magpie                   4th                          

           Lorraine Green  Chief of Command              4th

           Jess Joslin        The Gruffalo                       1st                    Team 2nd



70cm   Jess Joslin       Tormen                                1st

           Holly Farrer     Furby                                   2nd

           Jessica Eaton   Matchmakers Charm              E                     Team Elim



80cm   Holly Farrer       Vista                                       

           Mia Hare           Desert Kingdom

           Rebecca Wood   Shadowman

           Lorraine Green   Chief of Command                                      Team 3rd



80cm   Sarah Endean  Bunnow Magpie                     5th

            Jess Joslin      Beau Rhapsody                    4th

            Lilli Hughes    Brynithon The Outlaw            1st

            Tess Hinde     Craughwell Lucy                                            Team 1st



90cm   Jess Joslin        The Gruffalo                          1st       

           Sarah Endean  Carrickavarvon Fionn

           Sue Timmis      Hollpark Captain        

           Jenna Davies   Abbots Vale Remus                                        Team 2nd



110      Frankie Power  Tweet All                              2nd


Well done to all our riders and the members who came to help me run the day including Rachel Griffin, Amy Crosbie, Liz Clay and Angela Bush.


Now to think about Horse Trials and Dressage teams!

           Nicky Robinson - Senior Team Manager 

Senior Team Report - Area 8 Eventer Trial at Poplar Park

Sunday, 24th March 2019


It was a glorious March day; dry with lots of sunshine - perfect for all those riders competing at the event. However for the organisers, stuck in a gazebo all day, it was pretty chilly! Fortunately our position at the top of the hill meant that we could watch all the warm up and SJ and, as Senior Team Manager, I was able to see most of our Senior teams compete.


We entered one 90cm team and achieved a team 4th place. The team members were:

Team 4th Place

Sue Timmis riding Hollpark Captain 

Jess Joslin riding The Gruffalo   

Ali Power riding Tweet All 

Jenna Davies riding Abbots Vale Remus 


We entered two 80cm teams and achieved team 3rd and 5th places. The team members were:


Team 3rd Place

Tess Hinde riding Craughwell Lucy 

Lilli Hughes riding Brynithon the Outlaw 

Rebecca Wood riding Shadowman 

Vickie Berryman-Watts riding Carrickavarvan Fionn 


Team 5th Place

Mia Hare riding Desert Kingdom  

Helen Kemp riding Royal Gold                   

Rachel Griffin riding Beau Rhapsody 

Gemma Gale riding Autumn Breeze 


The last of the 80 junior riders were jumping as dusk fell and the presentation was held in the dark. All of the Area 8 committee must be congratulated for running such a successful event.  

Special thanks go THRC members Viv Edwards for jump judging for us all day, Stella Ivell for helping in Secretary's tent in the morning, Ali Power for relieving me for a while so I could watch my daughter, Becky, ride, for our own THRC course builder Anna Deville for building the SJ course and Nicki Lush and team for quading for the day.

Many thanks to all those members competing on behalt of Tendring Hundred Riding Club; you did the club proud, as always!

Roll on the next team event (Area 8 Show Jumping) at THRC showground on 12th May.


                                                                                    Nicky Robinson - Senior Team Manager

Please see full results below.

Results FOTH 2019 both areas.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [71.4 KB]

British Riding Club Winter Junior Championships 2019


Sunday 31st March saw Sarah Endean and Chloe Mason along with their ponies Fly and Freddie travel up to Arena UK in Grantham for the British Riding Club Winter Championships which they had qualified for last year. Sarah rode in the 80cm show jumping with Chloe taking part in two dressage tests, Novice 27 and Novice 34. This was the second time for Sarah at these championships and her last as a junior, for Chloe this was her third.

Chloe and Freddie’s dressage tests were first with them taking part in the Native class. They did a lovely test to take first place in this Novice test with a 71% plus score. As Novice 27 was part of the team competition (although Chloe represented the club as an individual because we could not get a team together to do this), she had over 30 riders in her arena but she kept her cool and produced another fantastic 70+% test to come into 2nd place just half a mark behind the winner.

As Chloe was warming up for her second test, Sarah and Fly were jumping their first round and, after a few nerves in the warm up, they went on to produce a lovely clear round which was fantastic since lots of other riders were having many poles and stops. The course was challenging and long but did ride very well. In the second round (jumps went up to 85cm) Sarah produced another lovely forward test over a slightly altered course which, again, was catching out many riders to the point where out of 83 starters only 5 riders produced two double clear which then progressed to the jumps off (90cm). Sarah was first to go and flew round producing yet a third clear round, and in a very fast time which nobody was able to beat, crowning Sarah Junior 80cm, Individual Champion; what a way to finish Juniors!

The girls did the club really proud and showed that we may be a small club but we have some serious talent. I am so proud of what they have achieved and how they supported each other. It was a fabulous weekend.


                                                                               Jo Mason -Junior Team Manager

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